About Us
Loftoll.Shanghai Wenjian Compressor Co., Ltd. was established in February 2003, Germany Loftoll compressor identified and authorized production base in the Asia Pacific region to operate independently of the responsible for Loftoll brand in Asia
Loftoll (Shanghai) factory as the compressor industry, large-scale manufacturing enterprises, with Shanghai Baoshan and Jiangxi Nancheng a large-scale production base, its have Wenjian, kangkeer, east-energy, deli, Cleeson
Wenjian intends to planning a listing of future prospects can be expected
Loftoll.Shanghai Wenjian Compressor released 2015 new products
Loftoll.Shanghai Wenjian Compressor the 2014 strategic seminar was successfully held in Shanghai

Advanced Technology
Loftoll.Shanghai Wenjian Compressor through of the whole machine system various hardware and software integrate new and well built, perfect protection function from R & D, easy to control intelligent software, which surpassed the overall performance of the compressor.
Application Range
Loftoll Production Wenjian component development has been more than 12 million units of all kinds of air compressor group to provide efficient and reliable power supply for the users of the industry

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