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Loftoll.Shanghai Wenjian Compressor the 2014 strategic seminar was successfully held in Shanghai

On January 8, 2014, Shanghai Cocoll (robust) Compressor Co., Ltd. for the year 2014 strategy seminar in Shanghai Baoshan Crowne Plaza Lake Malaren was successfully held, nearly 300 distribution agents gather, discuss Cocoll (robust) 2014 development plans.

The meeting, the Chinese compressor network, compressor magazine executive editor Mr. Wang Sheng invited to attend. At the meeting, Wang editor to the presence of the agents to explain the development of the compressor industry in China and the current stage of domestic research. He proposed that the future of enterprises in the domestic brand should stand on the market, we must have their own core technology and products. Kangkeer (sound) with independent R & D capability of production head, so it should play the advantages, build the core competitiveness.

At the meeting, chairman Cao Lifeng focused on the company's market and product strategy. In 2014, Kangkeer (robust) will focus on the development of personalized non standard products, this series of products all parts of non standardized, through non interchangeable accessories customized to ensure after-sales service will not be lost, to ensure after-sales profit and profit margin, protect customer tail section of the safe recovery, will not harm to the interests of agents due to the loss of after-sales personnel.

New product development, the company will launch a series of energy efficient compressor products: intelligent control frequency conversion, permanent magnet frequency series and two series compression series. Intelligent variable frequency air compressor than ordinary (frequency) energy-saving 30 ~ 35%; permanent magnetic frequency conversion air compressor than ordinary (frequency) energy-saving 35 ~ 40%; bipolar compressed products achieve the level of energy efficiency, for customers to significant savings in electricity, to ensure customers in the short term will be able to recover the cost of purchase.

Market coverage, the company will launch a new mobile screw machine series, with fuel-efficient, strong power, high reliability, cold start performance characteristics such as excellent. In addition, Kangkeer (sound) plan for the next few years, in the establishment of 100 air compressor 4S shop.


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