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Loftoll.Shanghai Wenjian Compressor Co.,Ltd.
Add£ºNo.298 Jinchi Road,Baoshan District,Shanghai China

Loftoll.Shanghai Wenjian Compressor Co., Ltd. was established in February 2003, Germany Loftoll compressor identified and authorized production base in the Asia Pacific region to operate independently of the responsible for Loftoll brand in Asia Pacific and the relevant regions in OEM production. Assembly, sales and service. Production base component development has been more than 12 million units of all kinds of air compressor group to provide efficient and reliable power supply for the users of the industry, in order to meet the development needs of the market, production base in 2015 shares of Shanghai Cao group.

Cao group in Shanghai optimised operation for more than 30 years, is mainly involved in the printing and packaging machinery processing field, its Shanghai xintonglian Packaging Co., Ltd. has on the success of May 18, 2015 listed transactions, stock code 603022 Le Ford (Shanghai, China) Wenjian Compressor Co., Ltd., as the Cao group core industries, diversified, multi brand management in the industry long enjoyed a good reputation. Loftoll (Shanghai) factory as the compressor industry, large-scale manufacturing enterprises, with Shanghai Baoshan and Jiangxi Nancheng a large-scale production base, its have Wenjian, kangkeer, east-energy, deli, Cleeson five brands, the total registered capital of 13850 million yuan RMB. Loftoll.Shanghai Wenjian Compressor Co., Ltd. currently has more than 800 employees, technology and development staff of more than 60 people, in the 35 provincial-level administrative region has a professional sales and service team.

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