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Loftoll.Shanghai Wenjian Compressor Co.,Ltd.
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Loftoll.Shanghai Wenjian Compressor released 2015 new products

On 19 August 2014, Shanghai Kangkeer Compressor Co., Ltd. variable-frequency air compressor new strategy conference was held in Shanghai, the theme of "variable frequency drive innovation and development". Enterprise colleagues, cooperative customers, agents and more than 200 guests attended the meeting.

On the morning of 19, the participants went to Shanghai production base - Shanghai Kangkeer production area to visit. In the spacious and bright new plant, many guests understand the display of a variety of corporate flagship machine and supporting products. 1 pm, 2014 Kangkeer New Strategy Conference in Shanghai Kangkeer 6 floor conference room held on time.

It is understood that Shanghai Kangkeer Compressor Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in air compressor research and development and production of high-tech enterprises, production and operation of injection screw machine, the "Kangkeer" brand series of a double compression screw, variable frequency permanent magnet, small screw with screw machine, direct connection type air-cooled, water-cooled screw machine and inverter screw machine and movable screw air compressor. The company has a strong technology development strength and improve the production and quality control system, at the same time, with 86 sales outlets in the country, mainly distributed in economically developed regions, is the industry with great strength and potential of a professional company.

The, Cao Li Feng, chairman of Shanghai Kangkeer Compressor Co., Ltd. with new Tonglian company listed, further elaborated that the future development strategy of the Kangkeer, worthy of the industry look forward to!



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